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These are 4 trendy editing apps every influencer must have in 2021

Maria Merceditas Rojo
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Editing apps in the last couple of years have become the new best friends of Instagram users, influencers and brands. But 2020/2021 has redefined how they're used since the look and feel of Instagram feeds has become essential to growing one's community and gaining loyal followers.

I have been researching the best mobile-friendly trendy apps that influencers use to edit their images, and came up with the top 4 must-haves in 2021. Hope you enjoy it!

Tezza App

If you don’t know Tezza Barton you should definitely start following her. With more than 800K followers on Instagram, she delights people with her natural beauty, her creativity and her editing skills. Entrepreneur, influencer, model and singer, she launched Tezza App to help creators edit photos and videos with her amazing presets and features.

The app has more than 3 million downloads and has become my number one editing tool as it also helps you create stylish Insta stories. Tezza App was designed by creators with creators in mind. Here you can find fun photo filters & effects like stop motion, glitter, vintage film, frames, and over 140 editorial templates. 

My favorite filter? Cocoa, with grain set at 16% it gives a total vintage touch to your pic!

Tezza app subscription pricing is as follows:

• Photo editing only:

• $1.99 per month

• $19.99 per year

* Photo + Video editing:

• $3.99 per month

• $39.99 per year


Picsart is easily becoming the influencer’s app, and for good reason. If you have time to explore it, or if you like watching easy Reels tutorials, you will be able to make the most out of this app, and do creative and original edits with it that your followers will like, share, save and wonder how you did it.

Fun fonts, sticker maker, filters, collage maker… this app has it all. Watch these Reels to get inspired, and tell me what do you think!

How to change the color of your clothes 

Aesthetic Instagram post with wings

Aesthetic Instagram post with google search png

So? Have I convinced you yet?


This app takes you right back to the '90s! This aesthetic video & photo editor comes with amazing presets such as: VHS, Disco, Miami and more.

Prequel photo and video editor offers a handpicked selection of filters that make your photos and videos stand out!

The most beloved effects you should try are: HS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Prism, Plastic. The app also comes with a wide range of adjustment tools to make your preset unique, a huge collection of filters with pro-level color correction, and it lets you create unique, captivating videos.

Adobe Lightroom

An app built for photography, Lightroom is a free mobile editing app. What I like the most about this app is that it allows you to create and save your own preset which saves you a lot of time on the editing process.

In terms of features, the easy-to-use sliders give you complete control over the light and color properties of your photos. Shooting for a specific look? Effects like Clarity can add texture to landscapes or softness to subjects, while Dehaze can add or remove an air of mystery. Also In Lightroom, you can shift focus and sharpen your photos to highlight your subject or reduce distraction in the image. 

The Cloud storage at 20 GB, 1 TB or MORE ensures that you can access your library wherever you are. And if you are lost, you can also watch the in -app explanation videos that are super helpful.

In my case, I generally use this app to reduce the yellows in the pictures to get a trendy look.

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