Tobias Horka

Co-Founder and CEO

Having worked in the live entertainment industry for over a decade, I became aware of the importance of personal branding and marketing. That was the catalyst for Onescreener, and why we now work tirelessly to offer affordable high-tech solutions for creators and their fans.

Florian Sorg


DIY marketing is one of the key factors in the life and business of creatives. I'm happy to be helping to grow a company that cares so much about the growth of its customers' lives and businesses.

Yurii Zaporozhchenko

Senior Software Engineer

I'm constantly impressed by what such a small, dedicated team can accomplish, and I'm happy to be a part of this one.

Aleksandar Tutulic

Growth Marketer

I am a strategically oriented, data and insights-driven senior marketing professional, with diverse experience in growth & performance marketing, brand management, marketing strategies and business development. I advise and mentor early-stage entrepreneurs, but also the ones who are at the growth stage, help them find clarity first of all, dig into the sales funnel, identify flaws, find out the right way to move forward and achieve marketing and sales-related KPIs. Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Patrick Horka

Co-Founder, Member of the Board

Our mission is simple at Onescreener: Give creative people the tools they need to grow their personal brand without breaking the bank. Marketing oneself can be an uncomplicated and enjoyable process, and this solution offers people that opportunity.

Ryan MacGrath

Marketing & Communications

As an artist, I know what it's like to want to focus my energy on my creative projects, and not necessarily on marketing them. At Onescreener, we're working to make self-marketing a painless and even enjoyable process.

Jonathan Ferreira

Senior Software Engineer

My 19+ years of experience with complex solutions gives me an upper hand when it comes to developing clean, user-friendly software that simplifies people's lives. And that's what Onescreener does!

Maria Merceditas Rojo

Content Marketing & Customer Success

We are convinced that to go far we have to go together and that is the reason why we take care of our community. As a Content Creator and a Social Media freak, my mission is to accompany the Onescreener community on the road to success by providing tools, ideas, strategies and support to help them grow and excel in the digital world.

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Meet the advisors

Our steadfast advisors make all of this possible

Pascal Mathis

CTI Coach, Wingman, Co-Founder of GetYourGuide

PhD. Fabio Magagna

Co-Founder Kooaba, Google Product Management (Content Creators)

Joël Meiller

Co-Founder and former CTO of Oscillate AG

Beat Seeliger

Partner Panter AG, Impact Hub Zürich