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The ultimate guide for Community Managers in 2021; how to smartly use the link in bio in social media

Maria Merceditas Rojo
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Every social media platform has a specific language and layout, a sort of implicit code that is shared by all users no matter where they are from or what language they speak. Instagram users, for example, behave differently from TikTok and Facebook’s, not only in terms of expectations (what they are expecting to consume on that platform), but also the way they consume it. Although there are plenty of differences between the users' experience perspectives and the design of each social, there is something that all these platforms have in common: a bio and a link in bio option to add an external link.

This clickable link in bio, that is essential for managing an online community and connecting your customers with your brand’s universe, has its own limitations. For starters, you can  only share one link in bio. Generally, if a certain brand has a website, they would think to share it there. But is it always the best option? 

To answer this question, as a Community Manager or Marketing Manager, you would have to think:

  • Does your website speak the same language as social media? 
  • Is a user from social media going to understand how to navigate your landing page?
  • Is your landing page simple enough to focus all of your important accounts, activities and content on one screen so that you don’t lose your audience during navigation?
  • Can you edit the landing page? How often and easily can your team optimize it? 

If the answer to 2 or more of these questions is “no” or “I am not sure” you may want to keep reading this article.

Unlike traditional websites, Onescreener speaks the language of social media users and lets you create a simple landing page that allows you to send your customers to other valuable content, increasing your traffic to them and your website. Your social customers can select the content, platform or information they want to learn more about from one simple and customizable screen.

How many platforms and amazing content have you created that aren’t getting reach or traffic because they are not linked to your main channels? How many customers that come from social media get lost and frustrated on your website? How many of those customers are not qualified leads? Onescreener doesn’t replace your website, it compliments your website and the rest of your channels by maximizing the chances of getting qualified leads to them. 

Which content & socials can you share on your Onescreener?


  • Recent and important information with Teaser Links (add pic reference)
  • Teaser Image to awaken curiosity
  • Sound/video integrations such as Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, etc
  • Latest Events to manage your events and stream your upcoming and past bookings
  • Text to explain something specific or share an important release


Apart from the classic social accounts, you can also share the location of your company or store, use the Whatsapp icon to invite customers to contact you via chat, and link your e-commerce site if you have one. 

What else does Onescreener help you with?

  • Gives you easy updates and optimization
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Statistics
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Link your own existing website

Easy updates & optimization

As most conventional websites tend to be built using complex platforms and depend on web designers, this makes it tricky to update them on a regular basis. Onescreener has been created to make the process of building, editing and updating your page a simple one, so you can easily manage your changing content. Because it’s mobile-optimized, you can update the landing page from your phone while on the go. Change your links, style and media from anywhere. This gives you freedom as a Community Manager to implement different strategies and promote different content whenever you want.

If your marketing or social media team is in charge of updating, expect them to find Onescreener’s UX exceptional, allowing them to make quick edits and additions to your company’s content in minutes. Less time waiting for your website to be updated means that your marketing team can implement new strategies in real time. 

Google Analytics integration

Onescreener enables you to add Google Analytics to your settings so you know who is visiting your site, from where they are visiting and when. Reviewing this data can help you make more informed marketing decisions for your business.


If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you can use the Onescreener statistics feature. Find out from which regions customers are clicking on your link in bio, where they click the most, and in which platform or content they are most interested.

Facebook Pixel integration

With Onescreener you can also add Facebook Pixel to boost your business and gain more visibility. It lets you create targeted ads for specific demographics on the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms by keeping track of visitors’ actions on your site.

Choose your own domain

Choose your own personalized domain. Your top-level URL's is included within the Premium plan, the domain extensions supported by Onescreener are:



















And if your preferred extension is not supported yet we will implement it

Where is it suitable to use Onescreener?

Onescreener was designed to be used as a link in bio for your social accounts such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Snapchat, etc.

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