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Some tips for working on your Social Media from home

Camila Yael Santos
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Are you still creating content in your pyjamas too? The thing is, during the pandemic most of us learned how to work in our homes, and many of us keep working like this, with all the good and the bad parts.

The good part? We can be more productive on the days when we feel inspired, and take a break if we feel stuck. The bad part? We don’t get out much, and our minds are always working, always “on the clock”. 

Here are some tips that we, the Onescreener content creators, think might improve your performance when trying to get the job done from your breakfast table.

Working in social media isn't easy these days, and less so if you need to show your face daily to give a message or share your life. People love honesty and authenticity, but at the same time you need to prepare how and what you wish to communicate.

Organize your workspace

It doesn’t matter if the camera isn’t going to show that: your workspace should be clean and organized so you can find everything you need. It should inspire you to be calm and focused. Make some adjustments so you’re happy being and working there!

Organize yourself

Get a little book that you can take anywhere for writing down notes and  spontaneous ideas. Actually writing things down helps them stay in your brain better than typing them into your phone. Really!

  • Your calendar is your best friend. Make sense? Yes. Are you doing it? No.
  • Use apps. There are a lot of cool apps that help with organizing yourself that you may fall in love with: Trello, Friday, and more.

Organize yourself

  • In the morning: Check your mail. Make a list of urgent tasks.
  • Midday: Is there anything you can do to close an old task? Do it. Then start with new ones. Don’t forget to take a break!
  • End of the day: Check your mail again. Make sure you don’t forget anything urgent. Finish your work at the right time, and set strict boundaries when it comes to working beyond that time.

End the day positively

  • Be proud of yourself. We aren’t 100% productive everyday.
  • Think about what you liked the most about the day, and the things you didn’t. Read it the day after and try to make a change.
  • Rest, eat well and make time to move around! That’s super important.


Do you think these tips will help you to break up your workday and make you feel more accomplished when working from home? Let us know how YOU manage it all! 


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