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Nadia Naas
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My name is nadia and I work for a start up. I never got a clear job description. I do things I never thought I would have to do. For example asking the guys to clean up the left overs in the kitchen or put post-its all over empty boxes that have been lying in the fridge for weeks to ask if this is ART or if it can be thrown away… Cause, yes, we’re 4 guys and one girl (me!). A small team responsable for marketing, social media, customer relations, support, developing and back office.

First off — Don’t expect a talented writer. I’ve neglected this discipline thanks to a teacher in 6th grade who said I will never become a writer. As a kid I loved entertaining friends by making up the weirdest stories to see if they fall for them. And they did. Suppose I’m a good actress at least. Haha! Well what happened? Back then I had the glorious idea — when we were asked to write an essay in class — to be different and write a real cool essay, by telling the story backwards. But my teacher thought it was awful (I didn’t, nor did the other students). He said it has nothing to do with good story telling. THAT traumatized me.

Now, more than 20 years later, I’m giving it another go. I have to. Because it’s part of my job. I just don’t expect anyone to think I’m talented. That’s all. Just warning you. ;-)

I’m half libyan, half swiss. That’s why my boss promoted me to CHEF de CUISINE for DJs and BOOKERs who are invited for lunch to our office. Libyans loooooove food. Plus, they treat their guests like kings and queens and stuff them until they roll off the chair. So it’s only natural that I got THAT job. I aspire for perfection when it comes to … COOKING. It’s a task I really love, despite the fact that it takes me hours to prepare for it when searching for the perfect recipe in the internet and finding the best spices, vegis and fruits, etc. in the supermarket). However, THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT ME. It’s about the beta phase testing of’s new project. A booking platform that connects DJs and Bookers end to end. The platform is soon to be released. Therefore we’re inviting several people from the music industry to give us inputs and feedback every week. The guys are responsable for the testing and I’m responsable for the cooking. And lunches are a great way to connect with Artists and make them feel happy with a full tummy.

One of our first invites was the gorgeous, unicorn-loving and multi-talented DJ Lady Mata Hari. In the next post I will introduce her to you. In later posts then I will follow up with all the other interesting guests from the booking/DJ industry that have joined us at the lunch table. So watch out for more.

Keep up the love, peace and bon appetit!

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