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Managing Your Self-Marketing - Tips for Musicians from Hip Hop Artist A.M.X.X.R.

Ryan MacGrath
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Whatever type of creator you might be, it’s usually a challenge to find a balance between what you’re creating and how you’re promoting it. That’s especially true when it comes to putting you and your work out there on social media. There are as many approaches to this as there are stars in the sky, so finding the path that works for you is key. As wonderful as it would be to unlock some magical formula for gaining success with your online promotion, it really comes down to putting in the work, understanding the platforms you’re using, and being clear about what you’re presenting. And this all takes time and effort. 

Learning to market yourself these days is a process that is just as important as learning your instrument, craft or technique, and it’s with this practice that you will see results. Finding your community on social media can make all the difference in your career, and with a little help from artists like AMXXR (and platforms like Onescreener), you can move forward with confidence, positivity and growth. 

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with New York-based Hip Hop artist and creator, Ameer (AMXXR) this past week, and he offered up some insight into how he manages his self-marketing. Ameer was recently signed to legendary producer Pete Rock’s label Tru Soul Records, and is seeing significant growth in his career as he prepares to release new recordings, new videos, a new line of merch and new content over the coming months. 

Please take some time to check out our Instagram Live conversation, and to absorb what Ameer expressed during it. Here’s an outline of what we discussed including getting to know your technology and finding your tribe as key facets of marketing yourself as a creator. 

Access and Visibility

When asked about how he approaches his self-marketing, Ameer said, “You want to cultivate access and visibility”. He stated that he tends to focus on those platforms where he has the most followers and support, and puts his energy into nurturing those communities. It only makes sense to try to reach and grow your current audience before spreading yourself thin throughout various channels.

Leverage Technology

“Amazing functionality, giving people an advantage when it comes to promoting themselves...It’s like a Grand Central (Station) for any artist”

Ameer is, thankfully, a fan of Onescreener as a content hub. He expressed that it’s important for artists and creators to embrace the technology that they’re using, including social media, so that they can use it to its fullest potential. Gaining information about your audience via analytics and statistics features can help you to understand who is visiting your site and what kind of content they want to see. Ultimately, this can help you to streamline and generate new ideas for your posts, and give you a sense of control over your marketing. 


What is your message? What are you putting out into the world? And with what kind of attitude are you doing it? 

“I’ve come to the conclusion, for myself, in order to gain the attention and to become a bigger voice, you have to realize that you’ll never be bigger than the message”, said Ameer.

Connecting your message to the core of who you are and what you’re trying to say is paramount to maintaining success as a creator. Staying humble as you grow your business and community will help you to remain relatable to your audience, and to ensure that your presence doesn’t overshadow your intent. 

Organic and Natural Marketing

Essentially, be yourself and be true to what you’re promoting. “Authenticity” is a buzzword in social media circles, and for good reason. When a creator is genuinely interested in and passionate about their content, it’s much easier to be drawn into their work. But alongside being authentic, it’s also important to strive for connectivity; cultivate a relationship with your audience, and approach it with honesty and transparency. 

Find Your Tribe

Ameer said something along the lines of how key it is to find the community that wants to support you, that wants to buy what you’re selling. There isn’t much point in trying to sell Skittles to a room full of people who only like M&M’s! Find a different “room” where people understand and desire what you have to offer. This in turn leads to greater motivation for you to create and for your tribe to eat up what you’re making. 

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