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The Best 10 Influencer Agencies in the UK

Sara-Lisa Gujral
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One of the decisive steps to help you launch your career as an influencer is to find a marketing agency which you identify with and will represent you competently, connecting you to relatable brands and businesses. 
Influencer marketing uses key Social Media influencers and leaders to represent a brand’s message or product to inspire the target audience. These agencies often provide services such as Audience Strategy, Influencer Programs, Content Production, Media Planning, Influencer Partnerships, Platform Optimized Special Content, Event Activations and Paid Social Media.

Here are our picks, in alphabetic order, of some of the best influencer marketing agencies in the United Kingdom:

Bee Influence

Innovative and inclusive, Bee Influence is Manchester’s first influencer marketing agency, which aspires to actively represent diversity and humanize influencer marketing. They hold knowledge and experience in a range of sectors, such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gaming, tech, fitness, food & drink and more. They are currently looking to expand their network with new creative content creators.

Disrupt Marketing

Disrupt is an award-winning agency founded in 2010, with a passion and expertise in youth culture. They have had 150 million platform hits, 100 million content engagements, 5 million reached audience and more than 1 million products sold.

Engage Hub

Based in Manchester, London and Dublin, this agency creates data-driven strategies to potentialize their campaigns and sales, with a big focus in TikTok marketing. Their young, creative team is dedicated to business success, adapting to the diverse goals of each brand.


FYI is a top agency with access to one of the biggest networks in the UK of over 100,000 influencers and over 20 million worldwide. They are known for sourcing some of the best influencers and collaborating with big brands around the world.

Flourish MGMT

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the founders of Flourish MGMT have a passion for marketing, photography, videography and fashion. They won the Best Businesswomen of 2020 award, and have worked with multiple world-famous brands, with a rapidly growing network of more than 1k influencers.

Goat Agency

Based in London, Goat is one of the quickest growing marketing agencies in the UK. As they have collected performance data over the past seven years on more than 1000 campaigns, 70,000 influencers and 450,000 posts, they have developed a more in-depth knowledge and efficient strategic distribution method to reach relevant audiences and attain successful results.

I Need Social

From Websites to SEO, to Social Media or apps, iNeedSocial does it all. Based in London, this agency has made a name for itself with its digital strategies sculpted to the priorities of each brand. They have worked with over 400 clients and delivered 3,000 projects in the past ten years.


REDPILL is a creative and outstanding agency which has worked with many brands, agencies, and startups, currently searching for new creative talent with big ideas. They provide end to end production, using a data-driven selection process and certified distribution & measurement strategies.

Social Lipstick

Based in Manchester, Lipstick has the perfect combination of Social Media content creation and Performance marketing. They are an out-of-the-box agency which focuses on finding niche channels and content to reach the target audience.


Last year UP! Was named one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies by the financial times. They work with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Bing, MasterCard, and Amazon. They provide a fully managed service through their ATOM tech.

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