Onescreener FAQ

How to Update Your Credit Card Info for Onescreener

March 4, 2021
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There are two main ways to replace or update your credit card information to keep your Onescreener account active and your page online:

  1. Reply to in-app message regarding a necessary update
  2. Go into your profile and change it when you wish


  1. If your credit card has reached its limit or expiry date, and they payment can't be made, you will automatically receive an in-app message from Onescreener. Simply follow the prompt to update your card information, and your page will remain as it is. You will not be able to edit your page until the card info is updated.

  1. If you would like to assign a new credit card to your account, or change the existing information, login to your page editor. Click on your profile picture and choose Profile from the menu.

Click on the Update billing information and profile tab. You will be redirected to your Onescreener Manager.

NOTE: If you have more than one Onescreener account (perhaps one that you log into using Google, and one using Facebook), make sure to double check which Onescreener Manager account you are in before making any changes. If you've been logged into the other account due to your browser cache, log out of that account and back in with that account for which you would like to make updates.

Click on the Billing option.

Click on Update card.

And enter your new information.