Onescreener FAQ

5 Easy Steps To Your Onescreener Promo Page

March 24, 2022
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Your Onescreener website (aka Promo Page) is your online shop and ideal link-in-bio for social media channels; it's the ultimate HUB for your activities and content like videos, music and links. Customize it with your logo, cool fonts, fresh colours, favourite icons, features and integrations. You can build it in minutes using your desktop or phone, and share or sell anything!

Step 1. Sign up

Go to the Get Started or Sign Up page and enter your email address and a password for your Onescreener account. Then you're prompted to enter your Profile name and your page's URL (

Next, from the list provided, choose which categories best suit you or your brand, and add some keywords about your page's content that will help it get found by search engines like Google. You can link your main channels like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter at this point just by dropping in your username for each!

Step 2. Design your page

Now select your favorite background from the options shown. You can unlock additional backgrounds or upload a custom image by upgrading to a paid plan.

Step 3. Add your content


Now add an unlimited number of links to your site that will lead your followers and customers to external webpages. These can be for any site you wish! Just give the links a title and drop in the URLs.


The links you add can also be E-commerce links that essentially turn your site into an online shop. You can sell products, downloads and even your time with the Sell a Session feature!

* After the initial set-up process, you can go into your editor and add other content items like video and music players, clickable images or text.

Step 4. Choose your domain

It's now time to get your personal domain for your website! You can choose your own domain name via Onescreener's hosting, or connect a domain that you already own. Both of these options come with the Premium plan. If you prefer to use the subdomain provided with Onescreener's Free plan, then you're all set! Just select which plan works best for you.

Step 5. Show it off

You now have a super cool Onescreener website that you should share with the world! Click on the Share button at the top of your editor and choose where you'd you like it to go. We recommend sharing it with EVERYONE EVERYWHERE :) Use your Onescreener URL as your link-in-bio on Instagram and other socials, especially when you've got your own domain name and something to sell on your page.

Have fun! And remember that you can change anything on your page in a matter of minutes.