Onescreener FAQ

Why can I only have one Main Content item on my Onescreener?

March 2, 2021
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We've designed Onescreener as a way to display your primary content on one, clean page. By limiting the amount of content that one can add to their site, we've enabled our clients to create their own page very simply and easily in just a few steps. Also, limiting the content allows for the page to look great both on a PC or mobile screen. Onescreener provides maximum impact for minimal effort.

While your site only contains one Main Content item, it is possible to change this item at any point. Simply go into the Content section of the page editor and choose if you would like to display, for example, a video, a SoundCloud player, a clickable image, floating text, your Optune gig listings, or leave the content blank (placing the emphasis on your social links).