Onescreener FAQ

Integrate your Twitch Livestream into your Onescreener site

March 4, 2021
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First, set up your Twitch account.

Next, go to your Onescreener navigation page and click on Content.

Then select Sound/ video media and choose the position and size of your Twitch player as you want it to appear on both desktop and mobile devices. Then click the edit icon.

Now you can enter your Twitch URL by copy and pasting it from your Twitch account. Your player should appear immediately in the previews to the right.

Make sure that the position and size of your player are suitable for you, and then return to your navigation page and PUBLISH your Onescreener.

Your Twitch account is now ready to go live on your page the next time you stream from it!

NOTE: Archived streams and videos will not appear on your Onescreener from the Twitch player, only LIVEstreams will. Users must click on and enter your player to view the archives within your Twitch account.

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